Fluorescent spray paint ( Green )

Fluorescent spray paint ( Green )
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Add bright colors to emphasize the importance of color. Pay attention - fluorescent paint helps to make it all. Bright as if it is created to shout, to attract eyes. Use a fluorescent dye on billboards, sports equipment, auto-tuning , when painting a fire equipment, toys, bikes, etc.

Because of the paint fluorescent pigments  dye glows under ultraviolet light. Once the source of ultraviolet radiation is lost, Fluorescent stops lighting. This property can be fun to use, for example, in the interior, creating paintings that appear only in certain lighting.

The fluorescent dye can be applied to almost any surface: glass, plastic, wood, metal, paper. To keep paint longer the surface should be prepared: clean, dry and free of grease. Maximum brightness can be achieved if you first put on the surface of the base coat of white paint. And after it dries - use a fluorescent dye. For color saturation and color uniformity of coloring paint is applied in several thin layers, allowing each to dry (wait about three minutes).

Regarding the conditions of the environment, theprocess of peinting sould be at a temperature of 20 to 500C, avoiding contact with the cylinder to direct sunlight. Room for work should be well ventilated. Since the cylinder is pressurized, it is forbidden to use near open flame. You can not pierce or burn container. Hide from the children.

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