Acrylic Sealants (brown)

Acrylic Sealants (brown)
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Acrylic Sealants Bosny Acrylic Sealant are widely used for different kinds of construction work, both internal and external.

Properties and application of acrylic sealants
Acrylic Sealants Bosny are applied:
to fill the joints during installation of various building structures and plumbing products , including door and window frames , ceramic tiles and pipes;
for sealing cracks in the walls of various buildings and structures.
Acrylic Sealants Bosny Acrylic Sealant can be used on different surfaces :
brick foundations ;
concrete structures ;
wood products ;
plastic and plastic materials;
pottery ;
combined different grounds.
The use of acrylic sealant requires a special gun. A special nozzle that is attached is wound on the tube  . The tip of the nozzle is cut with a construction knife . Tube is inserted into the gun and brought to cracks and joints, and with help of the pistol is pressed into the seam. Do not forget to pre-degrease and clean it from dirt. After use, the sealant must perform grinding surface.

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