Delivery Information

Order conditions:
Forming and submitting the order, the client confirms weight, accepting these conditions. The order will be confirmed by e-mail or by phone.
Delivery and terms of payment:
The goods are delivered by a courier service of IN-TIME, cash on delivery.
At the cost of orders less than €150 the buyer assumes expenses on delivery.
At the cost of orders from €151 the seller pays delivery cost.
Delivery time:
If the ordered goods are available in a warehouse, the order will be delivered within 2 working days.
If the goods are absent in a warehouse, we will inform you within 2 working days. If we didn't meet this deadline, you can cancel the order in writing - by e-mail.
 Warranty period and claims:
If you received goods damaged - immediately tell us. The warranty period makes 24 months and begins from the date of receiving goods to clients.
The guarantee doesn't extend on the defects caused by misuse of a product, maloperation or falsification.
In case of a claim to send us goods to our address with the cost announcement, with the description of defect and the document copy. Your statement will be considered within 20 days.
Goods and payment return:
The buyer has the right to refuse the contract without explanation within 7 days from the moment of receiving goods. If you solved during this period to dissolve the contract, execute the following actions:
Call us or e-mail to ask to dissolve the contract and to return goods.
You send goods back to our address as the registered, insured freight (not cash on delivery).
In case of refusal the goods have to correspond to the following conditions:
 • the goods have to be in the original intact packing
 • the goods have to be intact
 • the goods have to contain all identifiers
To attach the document confirming purchase (original), the written declaration of abandonment signed by the buyer to goods and don't forget to include an account number on which money has to be returned.
 If you fulfill all above requirements, the seller will return a bank transfer an overall cost of purchase within 14 days from the moment of receiving goods.
In case of non-performance of any of these conditions the seller won't be able to make the positive decision on goods return.
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